Supply Chain Risk Management

Ensure that your strategic suppliers are secure by independently assessing their networks from an attacker’s viewpoint.

Prevent Supplier Disruption

An attack on a strategic supplier may cause cascading disruptions to your network. By surfacing potential exposures and misconfigurations, the Expanse Internet Operations Management Platform helps you protect your supply chain and your business.

Avoid Compromised Data

Many strategic suppliers hold your sensitive intellectual property or customer data. Expanse alerts you about directly accessible services, like database servers or remote access points, and monitors network traffic to detect risky network activity on your suppliers’ networks.

Eliminate the Threat Vector

Attackers use suppliers as stepping stones to attack your organization. Suppliers with direct access to your network need to be monitored on a daily basis. At Expanse, we track your suppliers’ networks as an extension of your own.

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Expanse protects the world’s largest organizations by discovering and monitoring every asset you have on the Internet. Watch this video to discover how Expanse enables you to Know Your Internet, so you can protect your attack surface on-premise, in the cloud, and across your supply chain.

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