Section 889 Compliance

Section 889 aims to protect national security by limiting government exposure to certain hardware and software manufactured by Huawei, Hikvision, Hytera, Dahua, and ZTE or their affiliates because of their known ties to the People’s Republic of China.

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Expanse helps IT teams answer critical questions comprehensively:

1. What hardware is in use and public-facing?
2. What software is in use and public-facing?
3. What Internet traffic comes from banned hardware or software?
4. Who in my organization owns banned equipment?

Section 889 Huawei Violation Screenshot

Understand and prevent Section 889 violations using:

Expander helps discover your known and unknown internet assets and creates a single-source-of-truth to map the enterprise attack surface. Customers can use this to identify and decommission covered entity hardware or software as defined under Section 889.

Obtain a complete, outside-in view of the behavior of your perimeter, its responsive assets, and their communications outside your organization with either non-US corporations and other third parties.

Policy Engine
Set up alerts on your network using the pre-built Section 889 policy which identifies the usage of prohibited equipment on your network. Customers can also partner with Expanse to build custom policies against other regulatory frameworks.

Wondering if you are in compliance?

We are offering to provide you with an initial report—at no cost—including a snapshot of your network. The report will quantify the state of your attack surface to help comply with Section 889, and highlight the most severe risks, if any, curated by a human cybersecurity expert.

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