Eliminate Risks No One Else Can Find in Your Supply Chain

Link allows comprehensive visibility and management of your strategic suppliers’ Internet Assets to proactively identify cybersecurity exposures, policy violations, or misconfigurations across your entire supply chain. By analyzing traffic flow to and from your suppliers’ networks, Link continuously identifies risks and policy violations that can lead to breaches in your supply chain.

Shared Governance Driving Global Accountability

Drive supplier accountability and operational outcomes through a shared governance platform that gives you and your suppliers the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date solution for managing their Internet Assets and your shared security interests across the planet.

Accurate and Comprehensive Discovery

Eliminate false-positive fire drills generated by inaccurate and out-of-date risk scores and non-actionable data. Link creates and populates a complete inventory of all your suppliers’ Internet Assets, risks, and exposures without the biases and inaccuracies frequently present in those reports.

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Expanse protects the world’s largest organizations by discovering and monitoring every asset you have on the Internet. Watch this video to discover how Expanse enables you to Know Your Internet, so you can protect your attack surface on-premise, in the cloud, and across your supply chain.

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