U.S. Department Of Defense Awards $37 Million Contract To Cybersecurity Startup Expanse

SAN FRANCISCOJuly 25, 2018 — Cybersecurity startup Qadium has been awarded a $37.6 million contract by the U.S. Department of Defense, making it the latest venture-backed startup from Silicon Valley to win a major federal contract over traditional Beltway defense contractors.

Qadium is the first company to provide real-time monitoring of the entire global Internet for customers’ assets. In a new era of machine-speed attacks, Qadium helps the world’s most sophisticated organizations define and secure their dynamic network edge.

The contract was awarded by the U.S. Navy’s Space and Warfare Command after the Department of Defense validated Qadium’s commercial software.  Qadium is now recognized among a small handful of cybersecurity providers, with DoD making its software accessible department-wide.

“The Defense Department used to love to build its own IT, often poorly and at high cost to taxpayers,” said Qadium CEO and CIA veteran Tim Junio.  “The times are finally changing.  In the face of the greatest cybersecurity challenges in our nation’s history, we’re seeing the government and private tech companies coming together, making both sides better off.”

Qadium also works with elite enterprise customers including Allergan, CVS, Fluor and PayPal, among others.

The new government contract builds on Qadium’s prior work for Defense Department entities including U.S. Cyber Command, the Defense Information Systems Agency, Fleet Cyber Command, Army Cyber Command and the DoD CIO office.

Qadium launched its first product in 2016.  Its platform indexes the entire global Internet in real time, giving corporate and government customers a comprehensive view of their extended, constantly-changing network edge and the ability to block machine-speed threats. This can include so-called “Shadow IT” in cloud services, regional offices violating policy, employees taking privileged equipment off-premise, and more.


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