Qadium is now Expanse

We’re excited to announce that Qadium has become Expanse! We changed our name to better reflect our identity and priorities. “Expanse” communicates the idea of a massive area that is exciting to explore. Our focus as a business is having the world’s best understanding of the Internet in real time to defend our customers from network threats. Expanse also conveys our optimism about technology, which is deep in our company culture. We love that the Internet brings people closer together and has driven many life-improving new behaviors, and are disappointed by how seemingly endless risks threaten those benefits.


Our hope is that by solving Internet-scale discovery and data-analysis problems, we can chip in alongside our commercial and public sector partners to better secure the global economy and our ways of life.


Thank you for your patience as we transition our systems to Expanse, and special thanks to our customers for your continued confidence and support. We look forward to working with you to keep your digital transformation initiatives successful and safe.