Expanse Debuts New Capabilities for Complete Cloud Asset Discovery

The Edge Expander Cloud Module Is The First Cloud Governance Solution to Discover and Secure Known and Unknown Cloud Assets Across All Cloud Providers

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 20, 2019 — Expanse, a global Internet intelligence company that helps the world’s largest organizations manage their dynamic Internet attack surface, today introduced the Edge Expander cloud module. The industry’s first cloud governance solution, it discovers and tracks all of an organization’s known and unknown cloud assets and surfaces risky exposures across all cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, among others.

As substantial cloud footprints have become the norm for most organizations today—with many having hundreds or thousands of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) accounts—rogue development and shadow accounts have abounded, making discovery and management of full network footprints, from on-premise to the cloud, exponentially more challenging. Solutions to date are only able to provide visibility into known assets and will leave gaps, creating risk by not discovering and monitoring for new or unknown assets across all cloud providers.

The new cloud module, which builds on the company’s flagship Edge Expander product, provides organizations with a complete and continuous outside-in view of all cloud assets, which addresses everything from asset inventory (including potential instances of shadow IT) to risky exposures and potential misconfigurations. Expanse’s new cloud module provides valuable awareness about both, while also discovering additional exposed development, testing, and staging environments in customers’ cloud providers.

Key capabilities of the new cloud module include:

  • Consolidation of all previously unknown cloud assets into sanctioned accounts for centralized control and visibility.
  • Identification of shadow IaaS and rogue development noncompliant with company policy.
  • Risk mitigation of exposures on cloud assets that were previously unknown or those exposed unintentionally through configurations and permissions.
  • Continuous monitoring of all global cloud providers for newly-created assets that are publicly accessible and tie back to your organization.
  • Cloud risk evaluation by viewing gaps in control of assets in the cloud versus that on-premise.

“While securing known assets is straightforward, you can’t secure what is unknown, such as shadow IaaS and rogue development, both of which happen regularly in the cloud,” said Haley Sayres, product manager at Expanse. “Using a global Internet perspective, Expanse continuously tracks all publicly-routable assets, services, and their configuration details for organizations’ traditional infrastructure, and with the new Expander cloud module, we extend that visibility to their full cloud footprint, as well.”

Companies such as Experian have already found initial success, where they have improved their processes and innovation when it comes to cloud security controls. Experian uses the cloud module to validate external exposures across their global Internet attack surface, and now has a degree of data and visibility that they feel is currently unmatched by other tool providers.

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