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Asset Hygiene

Expanse gives you a complete, current, and accurate inventory of all your Internet Assets, including IP addresses, domains, and certificates on-premise and in the cloud. With planetary-scale discovery and world-class attribution, Expanse finds unknowns and helps IT Ops and SecOps teams eliminate their associated risks.

Attack Surface Reduction

With the number of Internet Assets government agencies and contractors have today, it can be hard to know where teams should start with remediation. Expanse makes this easy by automatically sorting exposures by critical, warning, and routine, so you can address the most critical items first.

Cloud Governance

Expanse identifies your Internet Assets across all cloud providers so you can manage and protect your cloud footprint. Without requiring any agents or installation, Expanse helps you find both known and unknown Internet Assets in the cloud.

Detect Kaspersky Software

Two years ago, the U.S. government banned the use of Kaspersky Lab software by all U.S. agencies and authorized contractors. However, it is still in use as it often comes pre-installed on many devices. Expanse helps you identify any Kaspersky software instances you might not know about so you can adhere to this government mandate.

Supply Chain Security

Reducing supply chain risk is top of mind for all government agencies, primes, and subs. Expanse enables comprehensive visibility and management of strategic Internet Assets by proactively identifying exposures, policy violations, or misconfigurations.

Detect Risky Internet Communications

With the number of breaches that come through external vectors, it’s critical to know if your Internet Assets are engaging in any risky communications or behaviors. Expanse Behavior identifies if your Internet Assets are communicating with OFAC-prohibited countries or P2P sites, engaging in cryptocurrency mining, using Tor, or engaging in other out-of-policy activities.

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Expanse protects the world’s largest organizations by discovering and monitoring every asset you have on the Internet. Watch this video to discover how Expanse enables you to Know Your Internet, so you can protect your attack surface on-premise, in the cloud, and across your supply chain.

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