Manage Supply Chain Risk

Secure the Supply Chain and Ensure Compliance of Strategic Suppliers

Attack surface reduction and shared governance across multi-tier government supply chains.

The Challenge of Supply Chain Security

Continuous Monitoring for Accurate Situational Awareness

Programs need an accurate system of record of their strategic suppliers’ IT assets and risk profiles, but today’s complex, ephemeral IT environments have made this requirement more challenging than ever. Expanse provides agentless, continuous monitoring of on-premise and cloud environments, making it possible to not only provide an accurate inventory but also add rules-based alerting for critical exposures across the supply chain.

Supplier Innovation Moves Faster Than Cyber Maturity

Suppliers are constantly adapting their business models to adjust to market demands, resulting in a continually changing attack surface. IT, security, and compliance tools often can’t keep up with this operational velocity.

Supply Chains Are Cloudy

A significant portion of supply chain IT infrastructure is in the cloud. Some of these cloud instances are in FedRAMP-certified clouds, but many are in standard commercial cloud offerings. Expanse empowers program protection teams and prime contractors to monitor both on-premise and cloud Internet Assets belonging to strategic suppliers.

Expanse Link: A New Approach to Supply Chain Security

Government organizations and contractors need a better way to assess the cybersecurity posture of suppliers. With Expanse Link, agencies, primes, and subs can proactively identify exposures, policy violations, or misconfigurations to reduce risk throughout the supply chain.

Shared Operational Ownership

With Expanse Link, programs, primes, and subs get a single, shared source of truth for Internet Assets and risky asset communications. Working together, they will be armed with the insights needed to drive security improvements throughout the supply chain.

Complete Visibility

Networks can change hourly or even daily. Expanse Link empowers programs and primes to manage evolving networks and remediate issues quickly on-premise and in the cloud.

Tailored Policies

Every program, prime, and sub relationship is different and requires a unique set of policies and practices for managing and securing Internet Assets. Expanse Link makes it easier for primes to evaluate suppliers against specific policies like CMMC and NIST SP 800-171.

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