Protect mission objectives by knowing your complete Internet attack surface.

Expanse provides a complete and accurate inventory of all your Internet Assets and identifies any risky communications associated with those assets.

Attack Surface Reduction

With Expanse, agencies, commands, and suppliers get real-time visibility into the Internet Assets that make up your attack surface. You know when mission-critical assets become exposed online so you can take immediate action.

No Authorization To Operate (ATO) Required

Expanse solutions are agentless and require no on-premises deployment or configuration. You get immediate time to value and planetary-scale situational awareness for all Internet Assets without the need for an ATO.

Unite IT and Security Ops

To support and secure agency operations, IT Ops and SecOps have to be aligned. Expanse brings IT Ops and SecOps together with a single source of truth for Internet Assets.

Prevent Breaches

Hostile nation-states and other bad actors are relentless in probing the networks of federal, state, and local governments. Expanse provides complete visibility into all Internet Assets and any risky communications associated with them. This level of visibility empowers government organizations to remediate vulnerable assets before malicious actors get to them.

Reduce Supply Chain Risk

With Expanse, program protection teams, prime contractors, and subcontractors work jointly to prevent “weak links” in the multi-tier supply chain. By providing visibility into the Internet Asset inventories of suppliers, Expanse uniquely positions programs, primes, and sub-tiers to meet program protection and Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) objectives based on tiered security maturity level continuous monitoring (e.g., empowering CMMC).

Accelerate IT Modernization

Delivering the best possible public services requires a modern IT stack. With Expanse, government agencies can modernize and streamline IT operations and build agility and resilience.

Maintain Compliance

Regulatory requirements for government agencies and contractors are constantly evolving. To make sure your Internet Assets are compliant, you first have to know what you have. Expanse gives you a central source of truth for Internet Assets so you can make sure they are compliant with current and future regulations.

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Expanse protects the world’s largest organizations by discovering and monitoring every asset you have on the Internet. Watch this video to discover how Expanse enables you to Know Your Internet, so you can protect your attack surface on-premise, in the cloud, and across your supply chain.

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