When Attackers Need Minutes, Not Hours

Machine-speed attacks mean even brief exposures can be damaging

It has never been more important for organizations to track and monitor their full, global Internet attack surface. Recent research shows that malicious actors can find and attempt to exploit exposures that are up for only minutes. Attackers using sophisticated tools to scan the entire Internet for exposures, coupled with automated, machine-speed attacks can now more easily breach unknown or unmonitored assets, potentially bringing your entire network to a standstill.

Preventing these kinds of exposures and subsequent attacks requires Expanse’s global, outside-in, and continuous index of all Internet-connected devices. This provides your organization with a complete inventory of your Internet attack surface and alerts you to exposures immediately, so you know about them and remediate in real time. Across our customer base, we have helped customers uncover unknown, Internet-connected assets that represented significantly more of their attack surface than they were previously monitoring.

Without a complete and continuously updated inventory of all of your Internet-facing assets, these exposures can be exploited in minutes by attacks like WannaCry, which are self-perpetuating and operate at machine speed. Our Staff Data Scientist, Pamela Toman, discusses how WannaCry spread at machine speed, and how organizations can leverage the visibility provided by Expanse to secure their networks against these attacks.