Riding The 2019 Forrester Wave™ for Vulnerability Risk Management

Great things are happening at Expanse. The latest is being named a Strong Performer by Forrester in The Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q4 2019. It’s our rookie year on The Forrester Wave™, and we’re thrilled to have placed where we did. The reason: even though we’re not a legacy Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM) tool, we still placed as a Strong Performer.

Expanse understands that the velocity an organization moves at outpaces the tools they rely on today, including most VRM tools. That’s why our approach is different: we look at everything, not just the things you already know about, by indexing the entire global Internet every day. It’s great that a VRM tool can scan a network of known Internet Assets, but it’s your unknowns that often pose the greatest threat. 

The Expanse Internet Operations Management (IOM) Platform is a new class of solutions designed to solve this problem. Keeping ahead of competitors, responding to regulatory requirements, transitioning to the cloud, and tracking your supply chain are just a few of the challenges organizations face today. With Expanse, organizations can easily keep track of everything they have deployed on the Internet — including unknowns — without installing any local agents or sensors. 

It’s easy to get lost out there, but we’re here to help you. Know Your Internet so you can find everything that belongs to you (or linked to you) and pinpoint the risks that no one else can find. Our one-of-a-kind platform provides the accuracy, speed, and confidence you need to manage a real-time intelligent inventory of Internet Assets exposing potential risks.

Find out how Expanse can help you find everything — not just check up on what you already know about. Download the Complimentary Forrester Report to learn about how Expanse can help your organization with Vulnerability Risk Management today.