Remediate New Network Exposures Faster With the Expanse Integration for ServiceNow

Expanse is excited to announce an integration with ServiceNow’s ticketing module for faster and more efficient remediation of critical exposures. Now you can leverage your IT Service Management (ITSM) processes for generating and tracking incidents for new risky exposures found in Expander.

Developing the ServiceNow integration has been a high priority for Expanse, given Expanse’s Internet Operations Management strategy and the popularity of ServiceNow as a service desk tool. Internet Operations Management falls squarely within the IT Operations Management (ITOM) and ITSM categories, but as a new domain for Internet Assets. Therefore, Internet Operations Management can, and should, adhere to ITIL processes, Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) processes, and auditing rules. ServiceNow has become the most popular service desk with over 5,000 enterprise customers and almost 70% of the market, according to Gartner. It is also a leader in innovating and redesigning ITIL processes for various complex IT departments and respective environments. 

We’re committed to helping our customers operationalize Expanse solutions within their existing IT and security ecosystems, and that means rolling out integrations for popular tools such as ServiceNow and Splunk. We’ll provide additional integrations with other IT Operations and Security Operations tools through field integrations and third-party integrations. Expanse’s data on Internet Assets and exposures makes it possible to inform and execute IT processes more effectively, as well as to validate whether or not these processes yield the intended outcomes. 

Expanse’s ServiceNow integration is easy to install and configure. Just go to ServiceNow’s store and follow the steps to download and install. From there the integration is straightforward, but follow these steps in Expanse’s installation guide for easy setup. New Incidents will be created inside ServiceNow for risky exposures discovered on your network. By default, all “Critical” and “Warning” exposures will create Incidents, but you can always modify this behavior to match your preferences.

Once you have data flowing into your ServiceNow ticketing module, you’ll have a similar view once you’ve saved it as a favorite in the ServiceNow UI. See below for an example:

Having an accurate inventory of all of your Internet Assets on-premise and in the cloud — as well as knowing their associated exposures — is key to managing asset lifecycles and achieving meaningful attack surface reduction. The Expanse ServiceNow integration makes it that much easier to take action on Internet Asset and exposure information from Expander and ensure risky exposures are remediated. Schedule a demo today to learn more about these new product capabilities and how Expanse can help your organization.