The Most Surprising Lessons From My First Months at Expanse

Every new role brings new challenges and surprises with it. My first month at Expanse has been a firehose of information and training sessions, all of which I expected to have during the first month at a new job. But during my one-month check-in with my manager, one thing that I didn’t expect was to be asked: “What’s surprised you the most?”

Your Attack Surface Problem Is Really an Asset Management Problem

The foundation of effective security is knowing what you need to protect. Without a full inventory of your Internet-connected assets, you don’t have a clear picture of your attack surface. And that means you can’t identify and remediate exposures. While many organizations today may think they understand their attack surface, the truth is that they don’t because of a fundamental breakdown in asset management and governance.

When Attackers Need Minutes, Not Hours

Machine-speed attacks mean even brief exposures can be damaging It has never been more important for organizations to track and monitor their full, global Internet attack surface. Recent research shows that malicious actors can find and attempt to exploit exposures that are up for only minutes. Attackers using sophisticated tools to scan the entire Internet Continue reading…

Managing Application Side-Effects: An Introduction to Redux-Saga

Before you begin… This article consists of two parts: first understanding side-effects and how they relate to Redux, and then digging into the fundamentals of Redux-Saga. Feel free to skip to the Redux-Saga section if you are purely interested on jump-starting your understanding of Redux-Saga. But if you are still uncertain about whether Redux-Saga is Continue reading…

Monolith to Microservices Part 3: Our Solution

This post is part of a 3-part series on Expanse’s transition to a Microservices [1] Architecture built on Java and Spring Boot. In this series, we seek to share the issues we faced with the monolithic system, why we think the Spring Boot-based services will address them, and how we are affecting this change, with Continue reading…

Shiny Things: Why Your Certificates Matter

Who really ever wants to be a target? Unless it is of someone’s affection, it is pretty much never a good thing. Especially in the world of cybersecurity. Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t take much to attract the attention of someone hacking for fun, profit, or even to make a statement, but sometimes we do things that attract unnecessary attention to ourselves.