Introducing the Expander Cloud Module

While business has been occupied with digital transformation, attackers are taking advantage of the security gaps that result from the speed that assets are created and the lack of visibility that organizations have into these assets.

In an effort to curtail some of the issues that have come with rapid cloud development, organizations have begun to implement cloud governance strategies that establish policies and procedures. Some of these strategies might include sanctioning specific cloud providers, establishing authorized cloud accounts, creating security policy requirements, and implementing monitoring tools for policy enforcement.

Form a solid cloud foundation

Before you can apply policies and control cloud usage, you must have a current, continuously-updated inventory of every cloud asset. This is a foundational component of any cloud governance strategy: you need to know what you own in order to know what you need to protect.

And beginning without the knowledge of all of your Internet-connected assets means that you are leaving gaps that create risk. This is especially true in the cloud, where any developer–or any person in your organization at all–with an email address and a credit card can spin up assets and infrastructure with the click of a button.

Introducing the new Expander Cloud module

Our flagship product, Expander, provides organizations visibility into every Internet-connected asset that exists on the public internet. Our new Cloud module gives an even deeper visibility, with a lens on our data that helps organizations focus on their cloud assets and infrastructure across all cloud providers.

Some of the benefits that Expander users will realize while using the new Cloud module include:

  • Discovery and tracking of all cloud assets across all cloud providers, not just the big three
  • The ability to quickly uncover unknown and rogue assets that are not part of sanctioned cloud accounts
  • Continuous monitoring of global cloud providers for newly-created assets that tie back to your organization
  • Analysis of your cloud footprint to better understand and consolidate cloud asset management into sanctioned IaaS accounts
A view of cloud domains across multiple providers that tie back to an organization in the Expander Cloud module

Unmatched visibility, from cloud to on-prem

Our customers have already seen results from utilizing the Expander Cloud module, including uncovering information about cloud assets that were previously unknown and providing visibility across all cloud providers.  An information security leader at Experian told us,

Expanse’s Cloud module is helping to innovate the way in which we’ve developed cloud security controls. The Cloud module helps to validate external exposures across our global canvas and has provided a degree of data and visibility which we feel is currently unmatched by other tool providers.

The new capabilities provide the continuously up-to-date view of all Internet- and cloud-connected assets needed to minimize and close gaps that have come from fast-moving digital transformation. This helps provide IT operations, DevOps, and security teams the confidence that cloud governance and digital transformation projects are pursued and implemented securely and according to policy, and that they stay that way over time.

Want to learn more?

To learn more and see the new Cloud module in action, register for our upcoming Cloud webinar.

The Expander Cloud module is in beta to all customers starting today and will be generally available in March 2019. To request a custom demo, reach out to us here.

Haley Sayres is a product manager at Expanse. During her tenure, she’s been responsible for Expanse’s pioneering product and early efforts and led the development of Expanse’s APIs and SIEM integrations,  general customer workflows within the UI, and most recently led the development of the cloud security module. Haley worked closely with the security teams at dozens of Fortune 500 customers to create, test, and release the cloud module. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s from Stanford University, where she focused on technological trends in society, computer science, and human-computer interaction. She began her career on a data insights and consulting team in customer experience management.