Giving Our Healthcare Workers One Less Thing to Worry About

Strong cybersecurity has never been more important for our hospitals, providers, and the healthcare system. We can’t afford disruptive attacks like WannaCry or BlueKeep that threaten to take down hospital networks.

Hospital systems are at higher risk than normal with the number of telemedicine programs spinning up quickly, and large numbers of healthcare providers logging into electronic medical record (EMR) systems remotely. For many doctors, this crisis will require them to log into their systems remotely for the first time, increasing the likelihood of critical exposures via remote desktop protocol (RDP) sessions.  

Externally accessible RDP servers pose a significant security risk as they are frequent targets for attackers and can be vulnerable to a variety of documented exploits. The best practice is to not have RDP publicly accessible on the Internet, but only on trusted local networks. If accessibility via the public Internet is a business requirement, additional mitigating controls, such as a VPN requirement or multi-factor authentication, are recommended. But how many healthcare providers will know or practice these important security steps? They have much more important and urgent concerns…as we all know.

Therefore, Expanse has decided to offer free services to any hospital or healthcare provider during this crisis to help defend them against attacks.

Contact us at, and we’ll start working with you right away to make sure your network is locked down.