Expanse Releases New Integration for Jira Cloud

Expanse is pleased to announce our new integration between Expander and Jira Cloud, an industry leader in IT service management (ITSM) software. Many Expander customers use Jira Cloud to manage issues (tickets) around security incidents. This new integration will make it easy for customers to automatically generate new issues in Jira Cloud based on new and reappearing exposures in Expander to drive remediation workflows. 

The Expanse integration for Jira Cloud allows Expander users to ingest and quickly take action on newly appeared or reappeared exposures for a given time period, such as active RDP servers or Telnet services, along with accompanying asset context (IP, port, protocol, banner response, and tags). Jira Cloud issues can be created for new exposure instances in Expander based on the type of exposure, severity, and which business unit it belongs to. 

The continuous integration of exposure data into existing Jira Cloud ticket management processes makes it easy for security professionals to immediately kick off workflows around risky systems and services on their network and reduce mean time to remediate (MTTR). With complete visibility into your Internet-facing perimeter from Expander, your organization is better equipped to lock down your attack surface and keep bad actors out.

Specific integration functionality includes:

  1. Creating New Tasks for Exposure Appearances and Un-matched Reappearances 

The Expanse integration for Jira Cloud will create a new task issue type in a specified Jira Cloud project for all new exposure appearances in Expander that match the filters provided. A new issue will also populate for exposure reappearances if no open issues for the exposure are found. 

  1. Auto-Closing Related Tasks Based on Exposure Disappearances 

The integration will automatically close an open Jira Cloud issue for an exposure in Expander if it detects that the exposure has been remediated via an exposure disappearance event. 

  1. Creating Custom Fields for Exposure Issues 

The integration allows optional configuration that creates a new “business project” in Jira Cloud to create all Expanse related issues in. It can also be configured to create new custom fields in Jira Cloud which are useful for advanced filtering, dashboards, and reports. 

If you would like to create an issue in an existing project with no custom fields, the ticket would look like this:

If you would like to create an issue with no custom fields, the ticket would look like this:

Expanse is committed to helping our customers operationalize Expanse solutions within existing tech stacks, and that means developing integrations with popular tools such ServiceNow, Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex XSOAR, Splunk, and IBM’s QRadar. We are excited to continue developing integrations with other security tools through field integrations and partner integrations. 

The Expanse-Jira Cloud integration is quite configurable in order to accommodate the different workflows and Jira Cloud restrictions of users. To get started, simply contact your Engagement Manager in order to receive an Expander API token and follow the Jira documentation to generate a new Jira Cloud API token. If you’re using Jira Server and would like to integrate with Expanse, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Engagement Manager.

If you are not a current Expanse customer, we’d love to talk with you about this integration and how it enhances your security posture. Schedule a demo to learn more about these new product capabilities and how Expanse can help your organization.