Expanse Launches New Python SDK to Support Custom Integrations

Expanse is excited to announce support for a new python Software Development Kit (SDK) to empower customers on their journey to leverage all of Expanse’s different APIs. We understand that many organizations have complex, bespoke workflows that can require custom engineering to build and maintain. In this spirit, we’re confident that this SDK will allow our customers to approach building custom integrations and scripts more quickly and with more confidence. 

Based on customer feedback and industry developer surveys we’ve chosen python as the language of choice for our initial SDK. We believe python’s prevalence across the industry today, especially in cybersecurity and data science, will make the SDK a valuable tool for many customers attempting to integrate with custom data lakes, other internal tooling, or just for ad-hoc scripting. 

Even with the best designed RESTful APIs, there are often many obstacles that add to the amount of development work required to implement solutions. This overhead includes handling authentication securely, being able to query and handle results intuitively, and responding to errors that can arise. We’ve attempted to abstract all of this complexity out of the hands of the developer, so when utilizing the SDK, customers can get the results they want quickly.

As a very basic example, you can see below several lines of code to export all of the IP ranges from the Expanse Assets API. If written natively in python using an HTTP library like urllib3 or Requests, it would take roughly 30 lines of python to handle setup, authentication, making requests and pagination. Here we can see it is done in 3 lines of python, plus you get robust exception and retry logic baked in.

Another example would be if you wanted to find all of the certificates that Expanse has attributed to your organization and filter down to the ones that are expiring in the next week. The results from this could be useful to compare with a certificate management solution to ensure that they are aligned so you can take action on any expiring certificates. The Expanse python SDK makes this a simpler development process.

Current Expanse customers can access the SDK by contacting their Engagement Manager. A valid API token is also required for use.

And if you’re not a current customer, you can schedule a demo today to learn more about how Expanse can reduce risk and drive improved security outcomes for your team.