Announcing the Launch of Expanse Link

At Expanse, we’re passionate about empowering the world’s largest companies and government organizations to innovate safely and leverage the power of the Internet without fear. Once, the Internet was seen as a playground where innovators could explore and share information safely and without limits. But today, the majority of attacks start via external vectors, making Internet Assets and Services a constant source of cyber risk. Expanse solves this challenge by providing leading organizations with a system of record for all their Internet assets and an understanding of the risks posed by any exposed assets.

As part of this mission, we’re excited to share the details of the newest Expanse product offering: Expanse Link. This product solves the security challenges posed by the supply chain today. Because organizations are only as secure as their least secure supplier, it is critical to have continuous, outside-in visibility, data that can be quickly operationalized, and a shared governance model for managing strategic supplier risk.

Expanse Link enables:

  • Complete visibility: full visibility across the entire supply chain into potential risks posed by Internet Assets and Services, both on-prem and in the cloud
  • Tailored policies: the ability to evaluate suppliers against specific IT and security policies
  • Continuous alignment: a shared source of truth and immediate mitigation of security issues or policy violations
  • Shared operational ownership: the ability to drive meaningful operational changes that improve the security posture of strategic suppliers

Parent organizations will be able to view information about their suppliers’ attack surfaces, including exposed risky services or assets that indicate poor network hygiene. Additionally, through our ISP partnerships, Expanse monitors supplier networks and alerts you to network communications that could indicate inadequate network enforcement. Expanse Link provides instant time to value and easily scalable deployment; it does not require the deployment of local sensors on the supplier’s network or action by the parent organization or supplier’s staff. Our white-glove service provided by technical account managers ensures your teams have everything they need to get up and running instantly.

Expanse Link solves a number of problems with existing methods used to tackle supply chain security. Many parent organizations rely on suppliers to provide self-attested reports on their security posture. These reports are often incomplete and, by definition, do not define the risks posed by “unknown unknowns.”

Others rely on risk scores. But similar to self-attested reports, these often provide a point-in-time view and are useful primarily for choosing between multiple similar vendors. They cannot be used to drive meaningful, ongoing improvements in the security posture of suppliers, which is crucial, since most organizations can’t easily replace their entire supply chain due to a poor risk score. Risk scorers also usually discover assets only via websites with public DNS entries, which leads them to have a substantially and materially incomplete web-centric view of an organization’s Internet Assets. This approach misses some of the most critical kinds of IT assets, which likely are not web properties at all or do not have an organizationally attributable domain associated with them.

Expanse Link, on the other hand, empowers organizations to finally take control of supply chain security. With continuous visibility into the Internet attack surface of strategic suppliers, Expanse Link provides actionable insights and a shared governance model between parent and supplier organizations. This empowers organizations to work with suppliers to improve their collective security and reduce their exposure to risk.

Organizations today should ask themselves the question: why wait to take action on supply chain security? A security breach on a supplier’s network can cause business disruption, loss of sensitive corporate data, or even a pivot attack into your corporate network. Organizations need a shared governance model and continuous visibility to ensure the enforcement of relevant security and IT policies across their strategic supply chain.

Check out our white paper on supply chain security or talk to our sales team today to learn how Expanse Link can help you secure your supply chain.