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Attack Surface

Bad actors are constantly looking for ways to gain unauthorized access to your network. With Expanse, you can discover, monitor, and defend your attack vectors to reduce your risk.

Understand the Threat. Mitigate Your Risk.

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New Challenges and Strategies in Attack Surface Reduction

Organizations’ networks are more distributed than ever before. Explore the latest challenges in attack surface reduction and strategies for forward-thinking security leaders.

Matt Kraning

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New Insights and Research Into Attack Surface Reduction

Join us to gain insights from an exclusive research collaboration between Expanse and 451 Research on attack surface visibility and remote desktop exposures in the Fortune 500.


Do You Know Your Attack Surface? Expanse Does.

Find out how the Expanse Internet Operations Management platform can empower your organization with a single source of truth for your attack surface.


Real-time Attack Surface Reduction With Expanse

Learn how Expanse takes a global, Internet-scale approach to empower your organization with a real-time view of your complete attack surface.

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How to Defend Your Attack Surface

Learn how to discover, track, and manage all of the devices and services on your Internet attack surface.

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5 Common Perimeter Exposures

Reducing your attack surface starts with understanding your exposures. Learn about common exposures and how to reduce your risk.

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