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Attack Surface Lesson #2: Remote Desktop Protocol

One of the biggest trends we have observed this year is an increase in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) exposures across enterprises.

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New Research

3.5 new publicly accessible cloud services added daily on average

Expanse, which protects around 10% of the overall Internet, asked: How many new cloud services are added per day? Our research resulted in two major findings.

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How It Works


Expanse indexes every system and service on the global Internet. Our proprietary attribution engine then matches your organization’s Internet assets back to you.


Expanse continuously monitors your global Internet attack surface. We assess and prioritize risks to make it easier for security professionals to take action on the highest-consequence items.


Expanse works with customers to mitigate risks posed by exposed systems and services. Our platform includes user-friendly workflows, integrations, and cybersecurity experts on call.

We are an enterprise software company and the leader in Attack Surface Management. We build a system of record that is the authoritative source for an organization’s global Internet assets. Expanse knows your attack surface so you can own it before someone else.

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Why CISOs Choose Expanse

Industry-Leading Discovery

Expanse provides the most complete inventory of your Internet assets by discovering Internet-exposed systems and services that no other solution can. Our data have extremely low false-positive and false-negative rates. With continuous and accurate discovery, you can rest easy knowing you have true visibility into your full Internet attack surface.

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Evaluate Risk in Real Time

Your network is constantly changing. That means your attack surface is, too. Expanse helps you continuously monitor for exposed assets and indicators of compromise that could pose a risk to your organization.

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Seamless Integrations

Security leaders often manage dozens or even hundreds of tools. Expanse adds value to your existing tech stack by providing a system of record for your Internet assets that integrates with your preferred security solutions.

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